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Acoustic Piano Line of the Year 2012, 2013

Hailun Piano

Hailun pianos, founded by Mr. and Mrs. Hailun Chen, set a lofty goal in the mid 80s to produce Asia's finest pianos. Hailun pianos are of excellent quality and affordable. They involved piano experts, namely Peter Veletzky, a fourth generation piano builder from Vienna, as well as American piano designer and engineer George F. Emerson, Viennese piano voicing and sound specialist Sibin Zlakovic, Japanese production specialist Ema Shigeru and French scale designer and piano builder Stephen Paulello.

Today, at over 360 piano stores across Europe and over 80 stores in the USA, Hailun is proudly presented!

Hailun Pianos carry a 15 year transferable warranty. 

Euro Pianos Naples is delighted to offer the Hailun line of instruments. 

The Piano Buyer speaks out about Chinese pianos. 

Given the good quality of pianos being made today in China and elsewhere in Asia, it is interesting and only natural to wonder whether a high-end piano such as a Steinway is worth five times as much as one of the instruments reviewed, and whether the Chinese instruments would be suitable for an advanced pianist such as myself.  The Chinese pianos allow a pianist to perform the full range of piano repertoire and technique. Composers from Bach and Beethoven to Chopin and Liszt, as well as jazz, contemporary, and popular music, can sound quite good on these instruments. I can imagine that a pianist looking to develop his or her technique could grow a lot while practicing on any of these pianos.

Hailun piano prices and a list of available models are available upon request.

Haiun Piano

Euro Pianos West Palm Beach is an Authorized Dealer for Hailun Pianos in West Palm Beach Florida

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