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Fazioli Pianos – The Pinnacle of The Piano World!

Handcrafted in Sacile, Italy since 1981, Fazioli Pianos were developed by Paolo Fazioli, a pianist and engineer who has suceeded in creating a piano that is significantly better than anything in existence today.

Fazioli handcrafts approximately 120 pianos a year, and each instrument takes more than two years to complete. Many of the parts are plated in 18K gold to prevent corrosion. Fazioli pianos feature many innovations – the sum of which has resulted in them being hailed as the absolute 'pinnacle' of the piano world.

The heart of each Fazioli – the soundboard – is made of wood from northern Italy's 'Val di Fiemme' forest, the same wood that Antonio Stradivari used for his famous violins. Fazioli manufactures six grand piano models, all of these are available in a traditional ebony polished finish. Requests for custom made pianos are welcomed with enthusiasm.

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Fazioli  Piano

Fazioli  Piano

Fazioli  Piano

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